Dick Courcelle
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Dick Courcelle has over 30 years of leadership experience. Dick has been employed by the Agency for 10 years. Prior to his role as CEO, Dick served as the Director of Rutland County Head Start as well as Director of Organizational Excellence for Rutland Mental Health Services. Prior to his employment with the Agency, he served as the Chief Financial Officer for the Vermont Achievement Center in Rutland, Vermont. Dick believes our organization “is a crucial link to a healthy community. Our Agency provides a safe place for individuals who need us to find necessary support and care.”

Jim DiCosimo, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer, Jim DiCosimo has over 30 years of experience in fiscal operations. Prior to coming to our Agency, Jim worked for the Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York as the Assistant Vice President for Finance at the college. Jim is instrumental in leveraging resources to maximize our financial efficacy. Jim believes that “it is my job to ensure that our present and future resources are sufficient to support staff so that they can support our clients.”

Laura Kass, LICSW
Chief Services Officer

Chief Services Officer, Laura Kass has 24 years of experience in her field. Laura joined the Agency in 2015. Prior to coming to our Agency, Laura served as the Director of Behavioral Health for Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine, where she provided leadership and clinical supervision for the 75-member Behavioral Health team. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Laura believes “in the unlimited capacity of our clients’ to experience personal growth and change.” Laura feels that her role at our Agency is to “support staff and remove obstacles where ever possible.”

Lorraine Jenne
Chief Operations and HR Officer

Chief Operations and Human Resources Officer, Lorraine Jenne has over 30 years of experience in human resources and operations with 16 of those years spent in human services. Lorraine joined the Agency in 2015. Prior to coming to our Agency, Lorraine worked for Howard Center in Burlington, Vermont for 14 years as Director of Operations. Lorraine believes that her greatest contribution is in “providing a structure and platform that allows staff to feel nurtured and supported. We simply cannot do what we do without caring and committed staff and I want to make our organization a place that they can make their home.”

Judith Tietz, M.D.
Medical Director

Medical Director, Judy Tietz, M.D. has been with our Agency since 2007. She has tremendous breadth of experience in health strategies for individuals with persistent mental and behavioral health needs and for those with developmental disabilities. Judy believes in the resilience of those we serve and helping them find their innate ability to live empowered and healthy lives.