Case Manager - CRT

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Participate in and facilitate, as directed, the screening of new service requests within the clinic through means of and agency approved procedures which ensures that all individuals are adequately and appropriately served according to their individual needs and in accordance with existing agency policies and procedures.
  • Make decisions to ensure services are being met for clientele as necessary.
  • Participate in regular interdisciplinary staff meetings 
  • Accept newly assigned cases; complete case management assessment, and develop an individualized treatment plan with the client based on that assessment for all clients on caseload.
  • Provide on-going supportive and/or case management functions in accordance with the problems, needs, and the strategies identified within the treatment plan in order to help the clients achieve the stated goals and objectives. 
  • Implement appropriate services while developing effective therapeutic rapport with client.
  • Provide notification or documentation of the attempts to notify the primary care provider of the client's receipt of community mental health rehabilitative services.
  • Provide face-to-face reviews with the client and/or relevant staff on a regular basis documenting the progress made in reaching treatment goals. Document any modifications to the treatment plan as necessary to ensure the goals and objectives are being achieved. 
  • Document all service contacts on a timely basis including face-to-face interviews, collateral and networking contacts, and/or correspondence in addition to maintaining case records in accordance with agency and regulatory standards and requirements. 
  • Participate in interagency planning and service coordination activities as directed to improve and enhance service continuity and effectiveness for clients to include but not be inclusive of referrals to other interagency programs.
  • Meet regularly with the immediate supervisor as a means of enhancing professional growth, review and process the provision of case management services, and deal with appropriate administrative issues. 
  • Maintain close communication with the consulting psychiatrist, Medical Director and/or MH nurse for input regarding medication compliance, side effects of medication, and/or medication changes as well as alert required members of the staff of any changes in client adjustment which might suggest decompensation and a need for more aggressive intervention. 
  • Maintain documentation and recordkeeping using EMR as required by the agency, State, and accrediting bodies.
  • Adhere to best practices as outlined in the Code of Conduct agency policy.
  • Coordinate Co-Occurring Disorders Program in Adult Behavioral Health as needed. 
  • Attend and participate in trainings and staff meetings as scheduled.
  • Provide training to staff in areas of expertise as requested by supervisor.
  • Participate in community education activities as requested by supervisor.

Qualifications and Competencies:

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, human services, social work or related field.
  • Possess 1-2 years combination of mental health work experience and training to perform principle responsibilities.
  • Must have a valid driver's license, reliable transportation with personal automobile liability insurance coverage at or above the levels mandated by the State of Vermont.
  • Successful completion of a criminal history background check after hire.