Communications and Community Relations Coordinator

In this creative and dynamic role, the Communications and Community Relations Coordinator is tasked with communicating the positive effects of Community Care Network's programming by promoting the organization's brand, services and impacts through targeted communication approaches to internal and external audiences using multiple modalities and approaches. This position also assists agency and program leaders to frame data to showcase the successes and benefits of programs and services. Target audiences include employees, clients, collaborative partners, and the wider community. The position will facilitate the sharing of this information within the organization and externally through a variety of methods and mediums.  This coordination and community outreach will advance:

·  Employee engagement

·  Informing clients and potential clients

·  Organizational performance and continuous quality improvement

·  Community awareness and engagement

·  Organizational brand awareness

Qualifications and Competencies:

·  Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or a related degree.

·  Two or more years work experience dedicated to organizational marketing and communications. 

·  Excellent analytical and communication skills. Ability to take from concept to creation in a disciplined manner.

·  Excellent writing, editing, and presentation skills, with demonstrated experience using social and digital media applications for business.

·  Ability to create and deliver compelling and insightful presentations for a variety of audiences.

·  Marketing project management skills, including special events development and execution.

·  Proficiency in a Windows operating environment, to include competency in Microsoft Office. Advanced skill in creating charts and presentations.

·  Ability to work collaboratively with program leaders and teams.

CCN is an Equal Opportunity Employer