Mobile Response Case Manager

General Summary:

The Mobile Response Case Manager will be deployed to support families and children within Rutland County when support is requested. This position will provide onsite support through positive behavioral support, WRAP around approach, evidence-based practices…etc. Supports will be deployed on an as needed bases with additional follow up supports and services. This position will be responsible for assisting the Mobile Response Clinician and deploying supportive counseling and skill building.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Provide case management using internal and external resources and connects clients and families to aftercare services.
  • Develop treatment plan collaboratively with client by defining goals, specific outcomes, and time frames for treatment.
  • Provides support to connect families to long term services.
  • Develops safety plan including proactive and reactive strategies for managing identified crisis triggers and context.
  • Facilitates individualized plan development based on youth and family vision, needs and strengths to address crisis behaviors using strengths-based strategies.
  • Provides immediate therapeutic mobile response services to children and youth in Rutland County on a 24/7-hour basis.
  • Provide family stabilization support.
  • Connect families and children with WRAP around services
  • As appropriate, assist clinician with clinical assessment resulting in the identification of the individual's mental health service needs and recommendations for service delivery.
  • Family identifying services - then planned follow up work
  • Provide supportive counseling and skills building to families and children.
  • Prevents inappropriate psychiatric hospitalization or re-hospitalization.
  • Apply appropriate behavior management techniques.
  • May transport clients to appointments or linkages as appropriate.
  • Provide culturally appropriate, competent and individualized linkage plans in accordance with each client's age, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs and culture.
  • Work cooperatively with other members of the treatment team.
  • Maintain positive and mutually respectful relationships with other human service providers, agencies, health care vendors, and the community.
  • Maintain compliance at all times with clinical documentation, timelines and agency policies and procedures including meeting required timeframes for documentation and service notes.
  • Report to assigned supervisor and actively seek consultation whenever necessary or requested by supervisor.
  • Attend required staff, supervision, trainings and in-service meetings.
  • Maintain compliance with confidentiality policies and procedures at all times.

Qualifications and Competencies:

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology, human services, social work or related field required. Equivalent experience may be considered.
  • Possess 1-2 years combination of mental health work experience and training to perform principle responsibilities preferred. 
  • Must have a valid driver's license, reliable transportation with personal automobile liability insurance coverage at or above the levels mandated by the State of Vermont. 
  • Knowledge of services, systems, and programs available in the community including primary health care, support services, eligibility criteria and intake processes, generic community resources, and mental health, and substance use treatment programs.
  • Working knowledge of mental illness and substance use disorders including clinical and developmental issues.
  • Demonstrated ability to interview and assess clients using appropriate assessment tools; observe, record and report on an individual's functioning. Proficient with the treatment planning process and major components of a treatment plan. 
  • Knowledge of treatment modalities and intervention techniques, such as behavior management, independent living skills training, supportive counseling, family education, crisis intervention, discharge planning, and service coordination.
  • Understanding of the use of medications in the care or treatment of the population served.
  • Knowledge of all applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and local ordinances.
  • Effective communication skills, verbally and in writing, and able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to work with team members, maintaining effective inter- and intra-agency working relationships.
  • Ability to work independently, performing position duties under general supervision.
  • Ability to engage and sustain ongoing relationships with individuals receiving services.
  • Successful completion of a criminal history background check after hire.

Community Care Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer