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28 Career Opportunities at Community Care Network

New Posting Service Coordinator
We are looking to fill a Bridge Care Coordinator position. This position is responsible for coordinating all services identified in the Care Plan by assisting families of an individual with a developmental disability. These services will be assisting families with accessing needed medical, educational, social or other services to address children's needs. This position works closely alongside families by advocating for their child in school settings, doctor appointments, and a variety of other settings. This role is a unique opportunity to help families coordinate multiple community-based services and develop a coordinated plan to address assessed needs.

New Posting Intern
As a Substance Use Disorder Intern, the intern will gain practical experience in a direct clinical setting.

New Posting Education Manager
The Education Manager will lead overall planning and implementation of curriculum and classroom operation, child outcomes assessment systems, as well as training and professional development initiatives.

Join our growing, comprehensive, integrated, and family-centered early childhood program. We embrace a unified approach that fosters teamwork and engages in partnership with families.

New Posting Job Coach
Job Coach for Project SEARCH who would be responsible for providing training and support to individuals participating in the regional workplace immersion program to ensure success during job training rotations/internships at the host site. In addition, the Job Coach interacts with the families and co-workers of these individuals to build natural supports that will support them to be as successful and independent as possible after graduation. This job is rewarding and can create lasting transformations to all people involved.

The opportunity is currently available for an Employment Coordinator role to provide support to individuals in their goal of obtaining and retaining integrated employment. This position is responsible for being a liaison with individuals and businesses, families, other providers, and the agency, to assist individuals in being fulfilled in, and successful with their chosen career. In this role, we use the unique approach of being available to help support while still providing autonomy to the individuals. This job is rewarding and incredibly transformative for all!

New Posting Manager - Residential
Bring your leadership skills to our small residential community care home! We provide individualized and comprehensive supports to four adults in a residential home, meeting their personal care, health, social, and daily living needs.

Opportunities are currently available for Behavior Interventionists in the Rutland County community (and surrounding areas) and schools to provide one-on-one behavioral interventions to individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and/or other related disabilities.

This position will be responsible for the provision of treatment, and consultation services to children, adults and families.

Community Care Network seeks an experienced Administrative Assistant to support our Early Education and Care Program.

Join our Early Care and Education Team!

Jump On Board for Success (JOBS) Case Manager assists at-risk youth and young adults 16-22 years old in developing personalized, manageable goals around employment, higher education, exploring a trade and building skills for independent living.

Provide mental health crisis assessment, intervention and brief treatment services to a diverse population of clients in crisis.

$2000 sign-on bonus! A full-time Emergency Services Clinician opportunity is now available to assist individuals in crisis fulfill their treatment goals through the coordination of all accessible resources. Be a contributor of a functional multidisciplinary team of local community hospital, law enforcement and community resources to support individuals experiencing a crisis.

Provide support services to adults who experience acute psychiatric episodes in a short-term, four-bed residential program.

Position entails serving children across the developmental span with their behavioral, emotional and social needs.

We have several Residential Recovery Specialist positions available in our four bed, 24/7 residential facility for adults who suffer from mental illness and/or crisis.

Provide support services to consumers dealing with mental illness, including coordination of client case management services, planning and carrying out goals of individual’s treatment plan, goal setting, independent living skills training and mental health stability.

Offer support, structure and therapeutic activities to children and families with complex mental health needs.

Community Care Network, a non-profit organization consisting of Rutland Mental Health Services and Rutland Community Programs, is seeking a Financial Controller.

The Clinician will provide direct services through evaluation, assessment and supportive counseling through entrance, continued stay and discharge.

Provide assistance and support to the Lead Teacher in providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum individualized to each child.

Case Managers are responsible for the coordinating services, providing supportive counseling, evaluating and assessing individual needs within the living, learning and working requirements for assigned clients. Case managers interact with all members of the treatment team to ensure comprehensive treatment in an efficient and expedient manner.

Rapid Response Case Managers provide immediate community based supports designed to adequately meet the stabilization and safety needs of children returning home following a crisis assessment (Hospital Diversion) or a hospital/residential placement (Hospital Step-down).

Support other community members with developmental disabilities in their home, in the community, and/or at their place of employment based on their needs, interests and goals. As a team member, you will play an important role in our mission to assist people to gain independence, build natural supports & relationships, and equality within the community. No experience is necessary; extensive training is provided. Potential job requirements may include personal care, valid driver's license, and transportation in your personal vehicle.

Provide a safe nurturing environment for children 3-5 years old in a Head Start/child care classroom.

Clinician to work with diverse range of school-aged children. $2000 sign-on bonus!

Unique opportunity for a Registered Nurse to support six individuals with Development Disabilities and prominent medical needs in their shared home.